Information about Genome Research in Panicum virgatum

Current Switchgrass Genetics/Genomics Research - DOE/USDA Meeting, April 2011

Switchgrass research at BESC by Michael Udvardi

Switchgrass research at GLBRC by Michael Casler

Switchgrass research at JBEI by Pamela Ronald

Summary of effort to strengthen switchgrass research by Shawn Kaeppler

Switchgrass Community Organization Efforts

Notes from switchgrass discussion at PAG 2011

Notes from switchgrass discussion at DOE/USDA Crystal City Meeting 2011

Switchgrass-Related Grants


Process enhancement to increase bioproduct yields from switchgrass to Metabolix

Association Mapping of Cell Wall Synthesis Regulatory Genes and Cell Wall Quality in Switchgrass to Laura Bartley

An Integrated Approach to Improving Plant Biomass Production to Jan Leach


Genome-Wide Analysis of miRNA Targets in Brachypodium and Biomass Energy Crops to Pamela J. Green

The Role of Small RNA in Biomass Deposition and Perenniality in Andropogoneae Feedstocks to Matthew E. Hudson

Development of a Low Input and Sustainable Switchgrass Feedstock Production System Utilizing Beneficial Bacterial Endophytes to Chuansheng Mei


The Hunt for Green Every April: Factors Affecting Fitness in Switchgrass to Gautam Sarath

The Physiological Genomics of Panicum: Exploring Switchgrass Responses to Climate Change to Tom Juenger (project page)

Biotechnological improvement of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) for higher biomass yield to Neal Stewart


Translational Genomics for the Improvement of Switchgrass to Nick Carpita


Developing Association Mapping in Polyploid Perennial Biofuel Grasses to Ed Buckler

Linkage Analysis Appropriate for Comparative Genome Analysis and Trait Selection in Switchgrass to Christian Tobias

Resource Development in Switchgrass, an Important Bioenergy Crop for the U.S.A. to Katrien Devos